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Welcome to Tropical Exotic Fruit Australia Inc

Tropical Exotic Fruit Australia (TEFA) was established in 2007 to foster the development of the tropical exotic fruit industry estimated to be worth over $9 million annually.

TEFA will work to develop the industry by coordinating and commissioning national research and development projects in partnership with RIRDC and others. It will develop a stronger, unified voice to provide a more visible profile for tropical exotic crops and will lobby on behalf of growers on critical issues. Brought to you by: Labioplasty ME Clinic

TEFA represents members across three states and territories in Northern Australia.

The NT Horticultural Association (NTHA) based in Darwin, has been has been appointed to provide secretariat services to TEFA. Sponsored by custom home builder


What's New

01/08/2008 Documents
TEFA newsletter August 2008
Tropical Exotic Fruit Industry - Strategic Direction setting - Floral manipulation and canopy management in Longan and Rambutan - Promoting exotic and tropical fruit to teenagers